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On June 25th, Our District Governor for 2016-2017, Lee Montgomery, was installed, along with District officers and several club presidents.  The event was hosted by PDG Shirley Griffin and the Longview Rotary Club at the new Hilton Garden Inn, Longview.

The iron lung is almost ready for display by clubs for special events!  Final stages include insurance, housing, and a check out system.  Be watching for the announcement when it is ready.  



(Only 19 Wild Polio Cases so far in 2016), six in Afghanistan, thirteen in Pakistan.

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Thirty years ago, today, Rotary started something big, really big.  Thirty years ago Rotary began a war on Infantile Paralysis (POLIO).  At the time I was almost fifty years old, had been a Rotarian less than five years with perfect attendance, and thought Rotary was a great civic club.  It was great to be a Rotarian.  To my surprise I learned that it was more than just a great civic club.  It was an army, and it was declaring war on POLIO, and, whats more, I had been drafted. 
The incoming governor of District 5830 was Al Glaess, from the Sulphur Springs Rotary Club; a doctor who was himself a victim, and survivor of the dreaded Polio virus.  The incoming president of Rotary International was M.A.T. Caparas, from the Philippines. What they both knew and what I was about to learn was
The multi-year effort to define and propose a Global Medical Project for a Hospital in the Northern area of Guatemala is REALLY MOVING!  The project will provide critically needed Nursery, NICU, and Obstetrics equipment to the Hospital National de San Benito in the Peten’, Guatemala
District Membership Chair PDG John Henson recently attended the Zone Membership Seminar in New Orleans.  Here are some great tips from one of the speakers, Thaddeus Rex.

Paul Harris was born April nineteenth.  He was 36 years and 10 months old when he founded Rotary.  He died January 27, 1947.  How old was he when he died? To learn more about Rotary's rich history, sign up for the Rotary Global History Fellowship Newsletter.


Follow Global Scholar Micah Clark during his 2015-16 year attending Kings College in London, England.

Read his blog here.



After more than four years of effort, the Texas Rotary license plate is finally available!


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