Here are a few links to help you access the various resources available to you and edit various pages or links on the website for which you have permission to change.

Note, not everyone has permission to use all of the features of this website. If you need additional permission to edit parts of this website, please contact our District Administrator,  Shirley Pinnix-Evans at 

 The Basics for All Members:

Current District 5830 club members first time login information:    Click Here

Learn how to retrieve your password, login and update your profile. (ClubRunner Knowledgebase)


 Basics For Current Club Executives  (Note. only (Current-Year) club executives who are posted on this site)

Learn how club executives can update their member's profiles, add or remove members, specify club executives and directors, update club meeting information, and report monthly attendance using


District Attendance Manager  (Limited to only District Administrator and those given special access to the attendance module )

The District Administrator's instructions as to how to compile attendance statistics and reports for all clubs in the district, and send e-mail reminders.


 District, Club & Membership  (Must have special access)

Learn how District executives can manage all clubs and membership information, and update the District organization chart. Click link below for details:

Event Planner
Learn how to use the Event Planner to list an event on the site, send email invitations, get online registrations, and print nametags. All events are automatically included in the District Calendar as well.


Editing the District Website 

Learn how to maintain the district website; add stories, news, and links, create custom site pages and photo journals. Note, not everyone has permission to use all of the features listed here.


Email Communication   (Must have special access)  

District & Club executives learn how to communicate with  other club executives, District executives, or broadcast a newsletter to all members.  Note, not everyone has permission to use all of the features listed here.