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First Christian Church Family Life Center
4202 South Broadway
Tyler, TX  75701
United States

NOTE:  There are 2 messages on this page:  DGE Ted Huffhines and DG Lee Montgomery

Club Visioning is receiving a very positive response from PE's and clubs across 5830! We will have the Training for Trainers on June 3rd in Tyler at First Christian Church. I already have two clubs ready to go and I'm expecting several more very soon.

From DGE Ted Huffhines

Dear PDGs and AGs,

The purpose of this email is twofold:

1.       to inform you that the District Club Visioning initiative is moving forward with a training of visioning trainers on June 3rd, at the First Christian Church Family Life Center, Tyler, TX.  Thanks to DGE Ted Huffhines for coordinating with Director Elect Greg Yank and Zone Club Visioning resource Glen Vanderford.

2.       In addition to this training this project is going to need a District Visioning Champion (dare I create the acronym DVC?) . Are you interested in helping this program as an AG or a PDG and become the Champion? The role of the champion is to be the voice of Club Visioning, to promote it in the District and to share feedback on club successes via District website articles. The program will also need another team member in the person of a Scheduler to keep track of club visioning dates and arrange for trainers to be available. Please email Ted and I by April 20th if you would like to be considered as the District Visioning Champion. It will be critical to the success of this program. We would like to announce the Champion to our President Elects at the District Assembly on April 22nd in Paris.  

PDGs may be interested in the email text below. It is an explanation of our Club Visioning initiative , along with potential trainees for the District Visioning Team (DVT), that I recently sent to the AG team. If you want more details on what and how, you should find the information there. If there is anything you want to know, but don't see, please let me know. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the AG Team,

Thank you for visiting your clubs and submitting 22 volunteers to take the Club Visioning training! This promises to be an invigorating and exciting project for the members and the clubs!! We have already heard from some clubs that want this!!
The Zone trainers have selected JUNE 3rd as our District 5830 training date. Please communicate that with your area's volunteers AND keep looking for additional volunteers as that date may not be a perfect fit for everyone. 
Remember our goal is to have 20-25 trained throughout the District, so as to lighten the burden on everyone and to be in close proximity to limit travel time. 
You will hear more from Ted and I, but let us know if you have any questions. 
Shirley, Jim and David,
Please see the information from Greg Yank below about the project and ask your clubs in the next two weeks for volunteers to participate on June 3. We need to get on their calendars asap to avoid vacation conflicts, etc. Let DGE Ted and I know who your area volunteers will be. If I have missed your emails with earlier volunteers, please forgive me, but resend them as early as possible. 
So far we have the following Visioning volunteers: 
Area 1 (Ralph Waits): Mary Wormington, Mark McCrae, Marion Houff...Oaklawn or West Bowie??
Area 2 (Susan Chapman): Stephen Shaun, Carolyn White, Terrie Christophersen...Paris or Antlers?
Area 3 (Malik Latif): Larry Cannaday, Chris Lummus, Nathan Reeves...others? 
Area 4 (Jim Finstrom): 
Area 5 (Shirley Griffin):
Area 6 (John Hart): Bob Westbrook, Jeff Johnston, Steve Russell, David Cockerham, Seaborn Nesbett, BJ Hornbostel, Allison Cambre
Area 7 (David Butler): 
Area 8 (Herschel Lybrand): Mike Burns, Acie Mitchell...Canton, Wills Point, Athens? 
Area 9 (Sam Scroggins): Nancy Church, Janya Williams, Debbie May, Sam Scroggins...others?
This is detailed, but should give you great background to explain the program to our training teams. 
Rotary Colleagues,

Thank you for your expressed interest in getting your district moving forward with Club Visioning. This initiative currently is and will be for next year an important part of the Zones 30-31 Regional Membership Plan as every effort is made to strengthen our clubs. Visioning (painting that picture of the desired future) is a key step in a Rotary Club developing its 3 year plan to ensure more consistency, continuity and consensus. In my role as Project Lead for Zones 30-31 Regional Membership Plan, I am taking the lead coordinator role working with those districts interested in getting Club Visioning started.

 We have a number of districts in Zones 30 and 31 that have expressed an interest in getting into the queue to have their district team trained in the Club Visioning process. At this point, I along with Tom Ripperda, coupled with someone from the International Vision Facilitation Council (IVFC), will be the team to train your district team. Our goal over time is to develop an internal team representing our two Zones to conduct this district team training workshop. We want to ensure that our Zones follow the guidelines and tested processes of the IVFC.  Steve Wilcox and his fine team are the pioneers in this having trained over 1700 facilitators these past 13+ years in some 160 districts around the world. You can learn a great deal by going to website to see videos, templates and guidelines. It is well worth the time.

Let me outline the Steps of Implementation for a district interested in embarking on Club Visioning:

Step 1 – The process all starts with the DG, DGE, and DGN supporting and endorsing the Club Visioning concept. It is important to get this longer term commitment since this process is not a one and done situation.

Step 2 – District leadership Identifies a District Vision Facilitation Chair who can serve a minimum of 2 -3 years to ensure program stability. See the job description for this position (attached). Most districts as they get into club visioning will appoint a district coordinator as well who will work with those interested clubs and coordinate details such as getting a date selected, a visioning team identified along with other local arrangements working with the club event coordinator.

Step 3 – Identify and recruit a team of district vision facilitators willing to commit to a 7 hour-Saturday Vision Facilitator Workshop sponsored by and supported by your district leadership team. This team should consist of at least 15-18 interested Rotarians that have Rotary knowledge and facilitation skill sets. The team ideally should consist of half men and half women with a wide range of ages and geographic dispersion around the district. In most districts, it is the goal to send facilitation teams into clubs that have a mix of gender and age. The district team training is geared for 15 – 30 trainees so we would encourage you to inquire the interest and inclusion of your district’s AG’s and DG sequence to provide a common knowledge and experience for facilitation and promotion. Past district governors have added great value to the district facilitation team as well. Remember that these individuals will be facilitating not instructing at the Club Visioning Event. Others that need to be in attendance at this district team training workshop include the DG, DGE, DGN and the AGs. We do not expect these individuals to be facilitators as they have a different role and expectation for the clubs they serve.  We do expect this group to be present however so they have the understanding, experience and background provided by the Workshop to promote and support the clubs that engage with a Club Visioning Event. There should be no more than 30 at the district team training workshop. Getting this many coordinated for a single Saturday is why it may take up to three months or more to select the date and recruit everyone to that date recognizing that you will have a 15% attrition rate of folks that commit and are not able to come.

 Step 4 – District leadership and the chair endorse the annual District Club Visioning Agreement and subscription ($100) from the IVFC which covers the costs of developing and supporting the website. Early contact with Debbie Lefore, administrative assistant to the IVFC, is suggested to secure the agreement and sending in the check. Debbie’s email address is, and her phone number is (503-517-8783). There is no certification of a district per se as the only expectation prior to a district team training Workshop is a submitted completed Agreement and the $100 annual subscription fee.  This gets the district in the system and allows the IVFC to understand who the 3 leaders are at the district level (DG, DGE and District Club Vision Chair) with their contact information.  At the receipt of these two items, the District Chair is contacted from Portland, OR (PDG Dick Elixman and his admin Asst. Debbie LeFore) with their access to the backdoor of the IVFC Website. This also would indicate that they are approaching the queue for hosting a Workshop. Once the Workshop is scheduled then Debbie is re-engaged for the guidance to Kinko's for the training document printing. 

The district will have to pay expenses for the training team along with facilitator manuals and other materials for the team training. All trainers and facilitators who support Club Visioning program serve without remuneration. The training team will usually consist of two to three facilitators one of whom will be form the IVFC. You should budget approximately $2500 for the cost of this training. There is some money in the Zone 30-31 regional membership plan to help offset some of these costs for this year.

Step 5 – Once the District Club Vision Facilitation Team is recruited then the District Vision Facilitation Chair communicates with Greg Yank, Zones 30-31 internal coordinator for this team training and he will work with someone from the IVFC to secure an appropriate date for this district team training. These training workshops are typically done on Saturdays. We ask you to be patient and to recognize that it may be several months before the district team is trained.

Step 6 – once the IVFC has received the District Club Visioning Agreement and subscription fee, the District Chair is provided the password and user name for access to the document download center on the website. This is the location of the 165 page Guideline Manual for Club Visioning. The District Vision Facilitation Chair will download and print a binder for each participant in the Training Workshop along with downloading various handouts that are a part of every Training workshop. Training documents and binder are coordinated through our IVFC Administrator and available via FedEx Kinko’s near the Training Workshop site.

Step 7 – Market Club Visioning within your district via DG “types”, AG’s and the District Vision Facilitation Team. We serve clubs by invitation NOT by our expectation. It is suggested that the district have several clubs lined up and ready to go following the team training workshop so that the facilitator team can get right to work.

Step 8 – On the Friday before the team training workshop, someone, usually the district chair, will meet with the training team to review the room setup and ensure that all of the training manuals (one for each person at the training, two Administrator Manuals and 5 for future recruits) and other handouts, along with all of the necessary set-up elements (2 sturdy 4-legged easels, 2 - 3M large 2.5' x 2.08', Post-It wall chart pads either #560 w/faint blue lines or # 559 plain, the correct sized Blue and Red Dot packs (Avery 05466-T5466 or Office Depot 3/4" Color Coding Labels - 3/4" round dots in red and blue -1 package each of 1,008 ),  markers -3 black,3 blue and 3 red or orange, screen and projector. table name tents.  You will need 1 package of blue (or green) dots, 24 to a page and 1 package of red (or orange) dots 24 to a page.  A roll of blue masking tape and a scissors is also needed.  This list is in the manual p.148 under Rotary Club Requirements - Club Vision Event Coordinator section 7. 

The room for this team training should be set up in a U shape, with chairs around the outside to accommodate at least 25 to 30.  The room needs to have sufficient wall space so flip charts notes can be posted.  In the U itself, an AV table is required for the projector and laptop. A screen is also needed.  START/END TIME:  The training takes about 7 1/2 hours beginning to end with lunch and a couple breaks.  If you have people coming in from a distance, you can start at 9:00, but when people are giving their Saturday, they are just as happy to start earlier and get out as early as possible.  You should set the expectation that all facilitators be there for the entire day to get the full experience.

I hope this information is helpful as you review your commitment to embrace this important and significant process. Please call me to discuss where you are in this commitment process.


Greg Yank

Project Lead 2015-16 Regional Membership Plan Zone 30-31

District 6510 Governor 2001-02 and 2010-11

District 6510 Club Visioning Chair 

Yours in Rotary Service,



Lee Montgomery

Governor 2016-2017