This is a celebratory announcement to all who so generously supported the establishing of a Triage Facility at the San Benito Hospital’ National’ in the Peten’, Guatemala.  As you remember, we were contacted by the Tikal’ Rotary Club in late May/early June, with their critical need to establish a screening facility outside their hospital, to screen patients and visitors for COVID prior to their entering the hospital building.  They were using a broken down army surplus tent; it was all they had.   By early July, with your clubs and individuals leading the charge, $10,000 was raised and sent to the Tikal’ Rotary Club.  They immediately got busy, using what they had quickly available, a shipping container; and put together what you see in the attached pictures.  It is a beautiful facility, very functional, sporting a BIG Rotary Wheel!!!  They are now working on refurbishing the dilapidated restroom facilities, also outside the hospital. 
THANKS for what you have done to meet the humanitarian needs of these hard working people of Northern Guatemala!  
Here's the final list of generous clubs and donors:
  • Longview Rotary                                      $2000
  • Henderson Rotary                                     $1000
  • Texarkana Sunrise Rotary                         $1000
  • Marshall Rotary                                        $1000
  • Carroll & Mary Greenwaldt                     $1000
  • Idabel                                                        $  250
  • Cedar Creek Lake                                     $1000
  • S. Tyler Rotary                                         $1000
  • Longview Greggton                                 $1000
  • Texarkana International                           $  750
Total:                                                                $10,000