District 5830 is actively involved with providing Club Visioning to our clubs. We have a large team of trained Rotarians who are ready to come and help all clubs with developing their future vision. This process helps clubs identify what they are known for, where they want to head in the future, and how they can go about getting there. This process is built from the consensus of all club members. This insures everyone has a voice and opportunity to share their opinion. This process intentionally includes a diverse group (old/ young, experienced/ new, male/ female, etc.) to make sure the club builds a sustainable vision for their future. This process benefits clubs by building continuity and consistency from year to year as leadership changes.
The Club Visioning process requires one evening from 4:30 to 9 or a Saturday morning from 8:30 to 1. Usually clubs will bring the president, president elect, board and some of their longtime members and their most recent members to the event. A light meal is shared before beginning the process. The Visioning team will then lead the club members through the process in determining where their club is headed for the future. After completion, the club leadership will hold a club assembly and begin the process of implementation of the vision within a few weeks after the visioning event. Clubs are responsible for selecting a date, finding a suitable location for the event, providing a light meal (sandwiches and chips, soft drinks/ water) and a small fee of $50 to cover some of the cost for supplies. The district is paying for the trainers, the majority of the supply costs, and copies and A-V needs.
To set a Club Visioning Event for your club select a couple of dates that would work for your club and contact DG Ted Huffhines @ tedhuffhines@gmail.com or Susan Mazarkas-Gill @ smazgill921@gmail.com  Step up and make a difference in the future of your club and community!