DGE Mike Groom participated in a planning meeting with other Lone Star PETS District Governors Elect and the PETS Planning Committee on Saturday, August 22. Key takeaways from the meeting are: 1) Lone Star PETS 2021 will be virtual; and 2) registration fees for participants will be $50 (spousal program will be free) with District 5830 reimbursing clubs this cost.
Speakers have been selected and will include Rick King, Mouzon Biggs, Stephanie Urchick, Rea Drummond, Red Stegall and others. PETS is the acronym for President Elects Training Seminar and is open to President-Elects and President-Nominees. Mike Groom has requested that current Presidents be allowed to participate, too.  Please have your elects and nominees selected by December 1, 2020.  Because of the low cost, there should be no reason why we should not reach our goal of 100% participation by President-Elects this Rotary year. Stay safe, be well and enjoy yourselves!