Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Rotary International just reported that District 5830 LEADS ZONE 31 in member growth!! At times like these we need something to celebrate—so pat yourself on the back (no one else!!)!! Oh sure, you can send congratulatory emails to your club officers and members.
Specifics, you ask? Our 3.29% growth since July 1, 2019 outdistanced ALL our other 16 co-districts growth, the top three being 1.86%, 1.5% and 1.03% in growth. Although it is not a real competition, it does give us perspective to know we ARE heading in the right direction in reaching out, inviting people to check out Rotary and bringing them onboard. Although we are up by 24 members, we still need 82 to reach GOAL!
TWO BIG THINGS:            
  1. JOIN THE DISTRICT’S ZOOM CALL THIS SATURDAY, April 4, 2020 FROM 10:00 a.m. TO 11:00 a.m.  to hear our guest speaker, Allyson Barnes, as well as our own Karen Mains and Amanda Folmar, talk about GROWING ROTARY.
  2. SEE THE ATTACHED “BEST PRACTICES FOR HOLDING ON-LINE MEETINGS”. WE CAN STILL MEET—VIRTUALLY! ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!! Also, for many, being home gives us an opportunity to learn new ways, so check out the Guide to Maintaining Engagement that was released  on March 26, 2020. Click below for the link or go to the District 5830 Download Documents for your copy of the "Best Practices". 
Thank you, Dennis and Brenda Keys, Kilgore Rotary, for requesting info on New Member Orientation and guidelines for the role of the Club Membership Chair. Happy to oblige!!