Visioning 2.0 is expected to be rolled out in the fall of 2020. 
It is hoped that every Rotary Club in the world has the same objective: to become a vibrant organization that engages all its members, conducts meaningful projects, attracts new members, and is willing to try new ideas. Click on "Read More" to learn how Visioning can benefit your club and updates on the current District 5830 Visioning Program. 
The President of clubs that are interested in participating in the Visioning 2.0 Pilot should contact the District Visioning Chair, Sam Scroggins, at Rotarians interested in serving as Visioning 2.0 Facilitators should also contact Sam or their club’s Assistant Governor.
Vibrancy means that every member feels engaged and that the club is moving forward with common goals. A truly vibrant club has set these goals with a three to five year vision and a strategic plan to achieve them.
In the fall of 2016 DG Lee Montgomery, DGE Ted Huffhines, and DGN Judy Guthrie called upon the Assistant Governors to help identify members for District 5830’s Club Visioning Facilitation Teams.  The purpose of the Facilitation Teams was to help the clubs define their longer range vision, thus leading the club to revitalization and the development of their own strategic plans. Once the Facilitator candidates were identified, leaders from Zone 30-31 were called upon to provide Training in the Club Visioning process. This training took place in June 2017 and the first Club Visioning Event followed in July with the Longview Greggton Rotary Club leading the pack. By the end of 2018, more than a dozen District clubs followed suit with Visioning Events.
During a Visioning Event, each participating club member is called upon to advance the current clock by 3 years and to project where they believe the club should be with respect to Rotary’s avenues of service. These ideas are collected and the Facilitators help with an extraction and prioritization process to identify the club’s consensus vision for each avenue. Afterwards, the club puts together its strategic and tactical plans to progress towards its vision. Each year, the plans (and the vision) are formally reviewed and adjusted by club members as needed for revitalization.   
In 2019, after hundreds of clubs across the Zone 30-31 had undergone successful Visioning Events, Zone Leadership initiated an effort to make the Club Visioning program stronger by incorporating a greater emphasis on turning the club’s vision into a meaningful strategic plan. That work is underway as the “Z30-31 Visioning 2.0 Project”.  According to the Visioning 2.0 project leader, Glen Vanderford, the development team is currently in the process of completing the procedural manual and streamlining the Visioning Event so that most if not all of the Event processes can be handled on-line. Glen indicates that Visioning 2.0 is expected to be rolled out in the fall of 2020 when the revamped Facilitator Training Program is ready.
As a part of the development, District 5830 has been invited to identify a club for participation in the Visioning 2.0 Pilot along with 5 or 6 other Zone clubs. To participate, a club must commit 15 or more club members that are willing to participate in two on-line Pilot Sessions. Each session could last up to 3 hours. The dates and times for these on-line sessions will be jointly agreed between the development team and the club, but they will likely occur in late August or early September. The outcome should be a true win-win arrangement between the participating club and the development team.