PDG John Jetter attended the triennial Rotary Council on Legislation as RI District 5830’s representative.  The Council met at the Hyatt Regency Chicago April 14 to 18, 2019.  The Council (one representative for each of 530 plus districts) considered 117 enactments of which 42 were adopted.
The 2019 Council on Legislation was not near as progressive as the 2016 Council.  However, it did take some interesting actions.
The Councils actions will effect changes to The Rotary International constitution and bylaws and the Rotary club constitution and suggested bylaws.  These changes will be effective July 1, 2019.  Clubs should be aware that they will be required to adopt the new club constitution and review their bylaws to ensure conformity with the new constitutions and bylaws by July 1, 2019.  When they become available, please download them from the Rotary International website.
Please click on “Read More” below to see John’s summary of the significant actions taken.
John wishes to thank the Rotarians of District 5830 for the opportunity to serve them as the district’s representative to the 2019 Councils on Legislation.  Attending such Rotary events is always an eye opening and thought provoking Rotary experience!
Please feel free to call John with your comments or questions.
Summarized below are the significant actions taken by the 2019 Council on Legislation which will modify the Rotary International Constitution, Rotary International Bylaws and/or the Standard Club Constitution effective 1 July 2019.
Of the 117 proposed enactments 42 were adopted or adopted as amended, 15 were withdrawn and 60 were rejected.
Relative to Rotary International (RI)
  • Adopted a modernized and streamlined Bylaws of Rotary International and Standard Club Constitution.
  • Authorized RI’s board to take appropriate action to change RI’s tax status to IRC 501(c)(3) “charitable” tax exempt organization from current IRC 501(c)(4) status. (Won’t happen unless Internal Revenue Service allows clubs to remain IRC 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations under group exemption 0573.)
  • Approved admittance of Rotaract clubs as members of Rotary International. Rotaract clubs will not pay dues to RI initially. (Members of Rotaract clubs will continue to be Retractors. They will not become Rotarians unless they also join a Rotary club which is already allowed.)
  • Approved an annual per capita dues increase of $1 for each of Rotary years 2020-2021, 2021-2022, and 2022-2023. ($69.00, $70.00, and $71.00)
  • Amended process of filling a vacancy in the office of RI president-elect
  • Amended various processes relating to the selection of RI director-nominees.
  • Amended terms of service for various RI committees.
  • Removed the name of the official magazine from the RI Bylaws. (Flexibility)
Relative to Clubs
  • Approved requiring presentation of prior year financials and current year budget and year-to-date financials at annual club meeting.
  • Approved term limit of club president to two years.
  • Approved changing attendance make-up period from “14 days before and after the absence” to “within the same Rotary year”.
  • Eliminated membership provisions which:
    • prevented “holders of public office” from being active members under that classification.
    • prevented “employees of RI” from being active members.
Relative to Council on Resolutions and Council on Legislation
  • Approved allowing the RI board to propose urgent “enactments” to the Council on Resolutions.
  • Amended and updated the resolutions and enactments processes.
  • Reduced the number of non-voting members of the Council on Legislation. (Basically, eliminated all RI past-presidents and only allowing one director as a representative of the board.)
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John Jetter
Chair, District Finance Committee (2016-19)
Rotary International District 5830
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