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Are you a Business or Professional leader in your community, seeking to make a difference in the world around you?
Rotarians are passionate people driven by the ideal of service. As a part of Rotary, you get to network with and give back to communities around the globe. District 5830 is made up of 41 clubs and over 1500 members across NE Texas, SE Oklahoma, and SW Arkansas.
I love PETS! I just attended my 9th PETS and came back loving Rotary more. I realized it is like the before and after difference in the students we send to RYLA. They aren’t sure what they are going to be doing or learning when they go and they can’t stop talking about their experience when they get picked up on Sunday. I wish everyone could have that Rotary experience. There are many other Rotary ways to get that feeling such as the Rotary International Convention, Rotary mission trips to another country, serving in our communities with food distribution, wheelchair ramp building and so many others.
When our Rotary team visited Guatemala in October of last year, we went to a small village in the far north of the country.  The village is Uaxactun’, (pronounced WASH-AC-TUN’).  The people there are hard working and industrious.  They have been taught sustainable agricultural methods and are employing those techniques to earn livelihoods through exported products that are grown in the jungle/forest around their village. 
MEMBERSHIP MINUTE PRAYING AND PLANNING…for MEMBERSHIP??? Well, the title might sound a bit out of place, but think about it for a second. Praying takes you to a quiet place…a place to clear out the myriad of daily thoughts—a place to reflect on what matters, what’s important and what you can do about it. Get yourself “right” first and then it’s easier to help others…whether it’s your friend, spouse, children or your Rotary Club. While you’re at it, pray for your club, your members and your club’s health.
As I write this we have completed a most successful District Foundation Banquet and a most successful  Lone Star PETS (LSPETS). If you missed either it is truly your loss.  The networking at both was incredible, and while they were both different types of events, if you were absent you missed a chance to celebrate your work in Rotary, the successes we have achieved, and the lives we have impacted.
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