August is Membership and New Club Development Month, a time for Rotary leaders to focus on the most important part of our organization, our members. We need to attract new members, engage them and retain them.
Attract:   Think about visiting new businesses, new neighbors and friends. You have to ask! Create a welcoming culture for all to know they are valued.

Engage: Ask them what committees or projects interest them.
Retain:   Remember that if you want responsible Rotarians, you give them responsibilities!
Remember that more members mean you can do more projects, raise more money for Rotary, do more good and make lasting friendships!
I have enjoyed every club visit so far and learned of so many wonderful service projects and fundraisers. We will soon be adding a section on the district website that lists the projects that I know of so far. If I haven’t visited your club, please email me with some of your exciting projects!
IMAGINE what our clubs will look like when we invite someone to join with us in creating lasting change across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves!
Have a great month!