To say we are living in turbulent times would be the understatement of the year, perhaps decade, century? How much of this turbulence is the result of misinformation that is directed towards all of us, seeking to divide us? And what we need now more than ever are institutions upon which we can depend. Our institution of Rotary is now 106-years old and so many of the clubs that I have had the privilege to visit here in District 5830 are now over 75-years old which tells me that our Rotary institutions are VERY DEPENDABLE.  I submit we owe our success to our ability to join together, tune out misinformation, enjoy one another’s company, and address problems in our communities and world, such as disease prevention and treatment.
When we join together, we don’t allow this constant noise to deter us from our chosen tasks. We see this truth in the following examples: worldwide polio eradication; the provision of clean drinking water to countless peoples; and the provision of sanitary bathroom facilities to schoolchildren. Rotary’s December theme is disease prevention and treatment, one of the Rotary Foundation’s Areas of Focus. What will you do this month to help us end diseases and treat those who have contracted a disease?
Some of our clubs here in 5830 have provided necessary PPE supplies to the medical community, others have purchased winter coats and clothing for schoolchildren, and others have provided clean drinking water to orphans in Africa. There are plenty of needs out there, find one that engages you, and go unite, together, and serve to change lives. One of the lives that you change may be your own. I wish each of you the happiest of holiday seasons, sincerely hope that you spend time with those you hold dear, and by all means, please take care of yourself and stay safe.
Give the Gift of Rotary,
DG Mike