After having officially visited nine of our clubs in the month of July, my faith, not only in Rotary but also humankind, has been revitalized. There are so many good, good people in this organization who I have had the pleasure to meet and so many more that I look forward to meeting.
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Our new leaders settled in last month and they are now ready to do the work of Rotary. That brings us to our monthly theme for August which is membership and new club development. We were all approached by someone who saw certain qualities in us that made that person or persons believe that we would be a good fit for Rotary. Aren’t you glad you were invited to join Rotary? I wonder what our lives would be like if we had not been given the opportunity to unite, together to serve to change lives.
Nuclear physics defines critical mass as the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction. Long ago, we reached critical mass in our organization – we enjoy sufficient members to make things happen – to have cause and effect in our world. However, our critical mass numbers worldwide have remained unchanged for seventeen years. But, what if we EACH ONE of us BRING ONE as President Shekhar urges? How much more kindness will we share, how many more lives will we touch, how much more change will we experience in ourselves as a result thereof? A tantalizing question, for sure. As much good as we do, how far can we take this? Can we take it to the point where all people's unmet needs are met? Where all people have equitable changes for advancement? We won’t know until EACH ONE of us BRINGS ONE. When there are more of us, united, together to SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES, more lives will certainly be changed. Go give this gift, this gift of Rotary that each of us have been given.