July is new leadership month and as we kick off our new Rotary year, I am mindful of all the wonderful leaders we have and have had here. IPDG Jack Welge and his team had a miraculous year, they carried us through the nightmare of COVID-19 by adapting to earth-shattering events and changing and finding new ways to keep us participating and involved. We cannot thank them enough. Another wonderful leader, PDG Robert J. Thompson from District 6170, inspired us on Saturday at our annual District Officer Installation to UNITE TOGETHER, whosoever and wherever, so that we can serve to better lives.  (Pictures taken at the event can be found on the District 5830 Photo Album .)

Our theme for the new year given to us by Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta is “Serve to Change Lives”. What an appropriate theme for this moment in time – it gives us inspiration and hope as we carry our Rotary banner forward.
We must embrace, nurture, and mentor our new leaders to ensure that this noble 116 year-old experiment called Rotary continues for at least another 116 years. If we support these new leaders, our future is secured and we may continue to give this ideal gift that all of us have received, this gift of Rotary.

This annual changing of the guard is a unique aspect of Rotary. This tradition keeps us vibrant and relevant. With new leaders, we older members receive fresh ideas which continually adapt us to our changing communities and new challenges. More importantly, we hope always to give our new leaders the opportunities to serve to change lives – not only in others but in themselves, to grow, learn, and experiment – to boldly go where no Rotarian has gone before!!

On behalf of Rotary International and District 5830, I wish you new leaders every success this coming year. Go surprise us, go inspire us.