Club Bulletin of the Year for 2017-18 Announced 
Guidelines for 2018-2019 Club Bulletin Contest 
The three quarterly winners for the District 5830 Club Bulletin Contest were Texarkana Sunrise (4Q17), Clarksville (1Q18), and Mineola (2Q18).  Each of these Clubs were awarded 200 PHF points for their quality work.  Prior to the October District Conference, the District’s ADG’s were asked to vote on the overall winner.  The votes were very close with all three Club’s earning the same number of first place votes.  The top bulletin then came down to the Club receiving the highest number of second place votes.  Clarksville ‘s “The Gear”  weekly bulletin prevailed and their Club was awarded 400 additional PHF points.  Congratulations to all three Clubs.
This year’s contest kicked off on October 1 and three additional Bulletins will be selected.  The guidelines can be found on the District document section on this web-site (or click the links below) along with a copy of the winning Clarksville example.  All 4th quarter entries should be sent to the District’s Image Director, Sam Scroggins, at by January 15.