February 2018
The Rotary focus for the month is Peace and Conflict Resolution. This theme is very relevant here at home and around the world. As Rotarians we can help promote peace by the way we help solve problems in our communities and by how we serve others. It is very evident to me that the Rotarians in 5830 effectively promote peace with all that we do. By following the 4-Way Test as we live our lives, we model peace and goodwill to our families, friends, and communities.
I recently visited two clubs in our district and both had multiple members point out that one of the strongest characteristics of their clubs was that they were all friends. When Paul Harris started Rotary in 1905 that was what he was looking for- “friendship,” it is exciting to see clubs where friendship is a major focal point. They have fun together and they serve together!
We have an excellent opportunity for “Fun” on Saturday February 10th at the District 5830 Foundation Banquet. This is an opportunity to see friends from across 5830 and to make new ones. You don’t want to miss it! I want to thank the Athens Rotary Club, President Anthony Chiles, and District Foundation Chair PDG Carroll Greenwaldt for all the work they have done to prepare for this wonderful evening. You still have time to register on the District website: rotary5830.org
Our District sponsored 4-Way Speech Contest will be held April 28th in Mt. Pleasant. The Mt. Pleasant Rotary Club will again be the host club. The speech prompt for this year’s contest is:
How does living by the Rotary 4-Way Test help you in “Making a Difference” where you live and go to school?
A reminder for all President Elects- please get registered for Lone Star PETS. It is scheduled for March 1-4 at the DFW Hyatt hotel. You can register at: lonestarpets.org. All PE”s are expected to attend this training to be best prepared for the upcoming year. DGE Judy Guthrie has prepared a fun and exciting day, and the opportunity to meet other Rotary leaders is one you can’t miss!
Continue to attract new members by sharing all the good your club is doing. Don’t forget to emphasize that you have FUN together!
In Rotary Service,
DG Ted Huffhines