Connor Lind, 2018-2019 District 5830 Global Scholar.  Clubs can have a Global Scholar coordinator and all members can be on the lookout for possible students looking to pursue a Masters Degree in one of Rotary's 6 Areas of Focus. Applicants  should be accepted by their college/university. Clubs can get applications and information at by searching Global Grants. Nominations can be sent to the District Administrator in the fall of 2019 or no later than January 31, 2020. PDG Lee Montgomery is available for assistance at


The Global Scholar scholarship could not be possible without the generosity of 5830 Rotary members giving to The Rotary Foundation. The District's ability to provide such a scholarship is directly attributed to the gifts made by members 3 years previously. It is truly a contribution to providing Rotary Service through peace, medicine, child health, education, economic development, or water/sanitation." 
"A special thanks to DGN Jack Welge and Tyler Sunrise President Dennis Mack for being on the interview committee. 

Yours in Rotary Service,

PDG Lee Montgomery