An updated My Rotary that’s faster, easier to navigate, and accessible on your mobile devices launches later this month. What can you expect from this improved site? Quite a bit.

Here are five ways the new My Rotary will make your job as a club officer a bit easier:

  1. Streamline accounts with ease. The updated registration process makes it possible to match existing records and eliminate duplicate accounts for the same person.
  2. Quick access to your club pages. When a member signs in, their home menu will provide access to pages that display information about their club, including its finances, goals, and reports. As a club officer, you can easily update meeting information, add club officers, and make changes to your club’s roster right from your homepage.
  3. Add detailed meeting information. Not only can you add the time, place, and format of your club meetings, you can also list the many ways your club interacts. This level of detail makes the new meeting search capabilities more robust.
  4. Find members and clubs quickly. Looking for a Rotarian you met at the Rotary International Convention? Thinking of visiting another club’s meeting during your vacation? You can use My Rotary to search for a member or club. Member profiles may include a person’s name, club, role, and contact information, depending on their settings. Club profiles, which are displayed on a map, include meeting times, locations, and the meeting language.
  5. Secure your personal information. When you create your member profile, you determine what information you want to share and with whom.
  6. If you don’t already have a My Rotary account, create one now.
  7.  My Rotary: Club Administration course in the Learning Center will have how-to guides that will help you use the new My Rotary