The Visioning Process has been widely implemented throughout Rotary to help individual clubs to establish long range plans that are in line with Rotary International’s global strategic priorities: “Increase our Impact, Expand Our Reach, Enhance Participant Engagement, and Increase Our Ability to Adapt”.

District Governor Groom, who is himself a trained and experienced Facilitator, is encouraging all District 5830 Clubs to conduct a Visioning Event over the coming year. To do so, please contact the District 5830 Visioning Chair, Sam Scroggins, via email at 
Visioning Events are structured to help Clubs clarify their current role in the community, to enunciate what they envision that role to be in three or more years, and recommend steps that help the Clubs to achieve their future Vision.  During a Visioning Event a team of three or four seasoned Rotarians meet with a cross-section of the Club’s membership to help extract ideas about what the Club should look like three years into the future.  The Facilitators then help the participants to prioritize those ideas into their Club’s Vision. Once the Vision has been established, the Facilitators suggest the means to achieve Club-wide consensus, to turn the Vision into specific goals, and to develop action plans that achieve those goals.

 A Visioning Event is normally conducted over a contiguous four-hour block of time either on a weekday immediately after work or on a Saturday morning. The Event is scheduled at a time that works for well for both the Club members and a Facilitator Team.