Matching Points Campaign Update - It is not too late to double your money!
As of May 26th the totals for the matching points campaign are over 21K for the Annual Fund and 15K for Polio Plus. The opportunity will continue thru June 30, but for donations to be included in the year end report for each club and the district we suggest that all donations be processed by 6/15.
Any contributions to the Annual Fund or Polio Plus from 4/15-6/30 will be matched one to one. This offer is for cumulative giving during the period that meets or exceeds $100. It will be handled similarly to years past with each club being responsible for making us aware of their member giving.  Due to the delay in our mail system we recommend that your payment be made directly to Rotary Foundation and sending a copy of the contribution form or a report including the Rotarians RI number to Tom DeWitt (  Donations can be processed electronically by sending them directly to RI Foundation in Chicago.  
What this means is that a new Paul Harris Fellowship or advancement can be obtained for a $500 donation to either fund or split between the two.
Please process donations early enough to be processed by TRF before year end and insuring that your club receives credit for all donations for your current leadership and  Governor Mike Groom's term.
Any questions that any individual has can be email to PDG Tom DeWitt for answers. All direct deposit donations during the period are eligible, but be submitted for credit as if made by electronic payment to TRF.
Those Rotarians that have already attained a Paul Harris Fellowship plus eight status can ask to have matching points credited to another Rotarian or to a non Rotarian to complete a Paul Harris Fellowship for that individual.
Ingrid Self
District 5830 Foundation Chair
PDG Tom DeWitt
District 5830 Fundraising Chair