The following was a facebook posting from one of the Teachers at Sabine Elementary School about the Kilgore Rotary Club Dictionary Project.
The Kilgore Rotary Club gave a dictionary to every second grade student at Sabine Elementary. Those kids were so very happy! I had to give the kids some free reading time, so they could “read” their dictionaries. Many students were using the sign language chart to teach themselves sign language. Some kids located the maps and state information. There were a few students who started at the first page and started reading one page after another. We have been working with prefixes and suffixes. The kids were so excited to see them listed in the dictionary. Computers and technology are great, but there is nothing like holding your own book in your hands. I had to keep reassuring those babies that those dictionaries now belonged to them and they could take them home. Thank you so very much Kilgore Rotary Club! Your generosity is greatly appreciated and you brought joy to my entire class today!