Lindale Rotary Club Celebrity Waiter Wild Game Dinner was a great success!  They raised 50% more than their last year's event, which was their first year.  The members of the Lindale Rotary Club learned a lot and are looking forward to tailoring their event even more for their audience in Lindale.  The Event has been embraced by their community.  The main purpose of the Event was to raise Rotary awareness in the area and this event is helping them to make major strides.  Three attendees have shown interest in Lindale RC since the Wild Game Dinner.  DG Ted Huffhines and PDG Lee Montgomery served as celebrity waiters and did an awesome job helping to promote Rotary and lending us a hand.  Amanda Folmar with the South Tyler club came with her family also.  The support we have received from the district membership is an encouragement. We are looking forward to next year!  ( More event pictures are located at the District Photo Album Library.)