As I write this we have completed a most successful District Foundation Banquet and a most successful  Lone Star PETS (LSPETS). If you missed either it is truly your loss.  The networking at both was incredible, and while they were both different types of events, if you were absent you missed a chance to celebrate your work in Rotary, the successes we have achieved, and the lives we have impacted.
Regarding LSPETS, Sunday involved Foundation Certification and training Club Officers to take part in Foundation Grants.  If there is no other reason to go to LSPETS (and it truly is a crucial part of planning your Club’s year), this is the one that noticeably pays dividends in membership involvement and increasing membership.
The takeaway is this. Our last day had only 3-4 fewer attendees than the opening Friday chaired by DGE Karen Maines to a full house and with modules dealing exclusively with your Club. Those attending Sunday left with knowledge of where to find Foundation Grant forms, which forms to file (and with what supporting documents) and which Clubs could qualify and for how much.

Let’s increase awareness of training as we go forward and be sure to bring your club officers and friends to the District Assembly.