Jay Webb, Lieutenant, Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Marshall Rotary Club, President Elect, Jay Webb gave  weekly dramatic reading of Standing on the Shoulders, our dip into the written history of Marshall Rotary Club. 
But first, Mr. Webb waxed a bit sappy on the topic of the regional PETS (President Elect Training Seminar), where he learned how to be the 2018-2019 Marshall Rotary President.

The following week the speaker was Dr. Christopher Medina and a few members of the Wiley College debate team. 
Pictured: Christopher Medina, Jaeme Orfanos, Emmanuela Wade. Debaters Emmanuela Wade and Jaeme Orfanos read dramatic short pieces of their own choosing, and Rotarians agree that they were the most energetic and emotional speakers we've had in some time.  The future speakers will have a hard time living up to the energy, thought, depth, and beauty of these performance?