Good bye, 2020! Hello, 2021!
Time for 2021 Resolutions, and from where I perch, my observations and thoughts turn to engagement, retention and flexible meetings. We have lost a number of good Rotarians since July 1, however some clubs have gained membership. Clubs holding onto and growing members are still in service to their community and giving members a purpose for staying with Rotary. If members feel they are wanted, needed and have a purpose, they will stay connected.
Reach out to your members you have not seen in weeks. They may be away due to concerns for Covid exposure, but it is most important that we stay connected and offer a service (aka engagement) opportunity.

Think how the service projects and meetings can be more flexible. Many clubs are using virtual platforms. If you aren’t versed in them, contact Sarah Fox who will be happy to show you how. Reach out to clubs close by to see what they are doing in the virtual world. Do we have to do service as a group or can the service be done individually or in small teams with a lot of distancing?

Of course, Lone Star PETS is just around the corner from Feb 22-28. Please register if you are PE or PN or AG. As a Facilitator, I am looking forward to working with the incoming club presidents on Membership. For all clubs, even now, I encourage you to call or write to exchange membership ideas and see if we can offer solutions to the challenges in your local club. Together we can GROW ROTARY for your community and the world. 

Lee Montgomery
District Governor 2016-2017
District Membership Chair 2018-2021