Do football teams play without a goal lines or goal posts? Do they take the field without a game plan?
Do they remove the yard lines or send the “chain gang” home? Then why do Rotary clubs try to maintain
or grow membership without goals, plans or measure their progress??
Right now, Team, we are losing the game and need to make some halftime adjustments. Looking at a few key game stats: Only 68% of
clubs have designated Membership Chairs/Directors and only 54% have created or declared goals. While
the net losses so fare are only 22 members, the lack of chairs and especially goals beg the question:
what could have been our INCREASE if more clubs had goals and chairs. Let’s time a “Time Out” to work
out and add GOALS, rework our game plan and go out and WIN THIS GAME!!! To get Membership ideas
and best practices, please go to: MyRotary/Learning&Resources/LearningCenter/Membership.