Our Holiday season has officially begun.

As we dodge around COVID-19 with PPEs and full social distancing, it’s important to not forget meaningful family and Club traditions surrounding Christmas, most especially increasing joy in those around you.

This is a time to remember angel tree giving, Coats for Kids (even if you missed the original drive before Thanksgiving), bicycle assembly, and gifts from clubs, charitable organizations, or just anonymously from you. One of the most meaningful Christmas gifts Ava and I gave were the 2 bicycles we purchased for some of her students back when she was working for Longview ISD. The kids' moms were really surprised, and we swore them to secrecy, but I can only imagine the joy when Christmas morning arrived.
As you send Christmas Cards or greetings to friends, remember that, although this year has been tough, we still have each other, our friendship, fellowship and service, recognized, rewarded and increased through the magic of Rotary - that magic we carry with us as we participate in meetings or service projects or just show through our daily approach to our vocation.

This time of the year, too, please remember PolioPlus and the joy that just a few of your dollars can bring to ensure that all can have a normal life, free of a dreaded disease. And give thanks for The Rotary Foundation where your gifts can change countless lives here and in foreign lands where we may never visit. Don’t forget either, in your year-end planning or your estate and bequests, to donate.

Most importantly, give thanks for the opportunity and the freedom we share to give the gift of Rotary.

Merry Christmas to all!

Jack Welge