I thank each one of you for what service you have provided to and through your Rotary Clubs this past Rotary year. Internationally, we have reduced the Polio numbers and are gaining. Please donate liberally to PolioPlus, and take advantage of matching Paul Harris points until June 15th. The end of that disease is in sight. Stay in touch with each other, and renew friendship in a responsible manner, with social distancing and masks in mind. Be safe in all your endeavors. Take advantage of the online training, and participate in the International Convention online as instructions come to us. Having been to several International Conventions, I assure you that your participation will be a blessing to you. I look forward to becoming a PDG and will be glad to attempt to assist any of you with your goals this coming year, if you will contact me. We are going forward with excellent leadership, and I can attest to the work that Jack Welge and the DG line are accomplishing. We will succeed wonderfully if we keep our Service Above Self and govern our conduct and decisions by the Four-Way Test. Finally, let us keep each other in our prayers. God bless.
DG Jim