Well, here we are in the last two months of our Rotary year and in the midst of a pandemic. Illness and death are still not decreasing steadily as medical experts indicate, and we should maintain our caution and social distancing. I visited with Floyd Lancia yesterday, and he tells me that RI wants us to avoid in-person meetings until the end of 2020. This a great opportunity for us to continue exploring and utilizing online meetings with platforms such as Zoom, which has been used successfully for training in our District and throughout the world and is being used successfully for club meetings and engagement. Please give this all the thought, and more, that you would give to in-person meetings. AND, as we near the end of the Rotary year, it is of utmost importance that we review our foundation and Polio-Plus donations as clubs and individuals. 
The needs here at home and around the world have increased with the pandemic, and Polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan is conquerable but requires more than $50,000.00 a year around the world to accomplish this. Bill and Melinda Gates are still with us in the fight, and we need to show them our resolve. Finally, one thought:  most of us are not buying the meals we did when we met in person. Perhaps, we could individually donate weekly or monthly what we have saved to our local food pantries or the East Texas food bank. I pray that we continue to serve above ourselves and live the Four-Way Test.
DG Jim