Hello to all of you dedicated Rotarians across District 5830.  June is the last month of the current Rotary year.  We want to finish the Rotary year off strongly. 
This note is to remind you and your Rotary friends of our commitment to Rotary through our support of the Rotary Foundation. 
Your Annual SHARE Fund contribution is invested and essentially 100% goes to do the humanitarian work of Rotary across the Globe AND back at home through your Club Project Grant requests.
Only Annual SHARE Fund contributions actually have this shared/return feature, as contributions to Polio Plus (also the top Rotary priority) and Endowment Fund Giving are directed 100% to specific work.
Remember that gifts to the Annual SHARE fund are aimed along the Rotary Foundation's Six Areas of Focus: 
*  Disease Eradication and Prevention
*  Maternal and Child Health
*  Water and Sanitation
*  Basic Literacy and Education
*  Peace and Conflict Resolution
*  Economic and Community Development
Your generosity helps Rotary to do amazing work across our world.  The target level that is encouraged  for all 1.2 Million Rotarians is $100 per member.  This is ENTIRELY voluntary on your part, but it is one of the finest ways we have to advance eradication of disease, support mothers and children’s health issues, drill water wells, teach children all around the world to read, foster economic advances for families in developing countries, and promote peace in the world, etc..   Of course, if you are able, larger gifts are encouraged:  $1000 for honoring someone with a Paul Harris Fellow, taking steps to become a Paul Harris Society Member, pledging $1000 per year, stepping up to be a Major Donor at $10,000 total lifetime giving, or beyond.  If you are in this latter category of anticipated giving, please contact me and I’ll visit with you about how that is done, or have a Rotary Major Giving Officer contact you.
If you are on your Club Board, you might vote to donate Club funds to honor your Current President with a Paul Harris Fellow award or advance them to a Paul Harris Fellow +1, +2, etc.
So, in summary, please use the next early days in June to review your giving for this Rotary year and to be very generous in your giving to the Rotary Foundation.  Your Club President, Treasurer, and/or Foundation chair can help you.
Thank you for your generosity and for your commitment to Rotary!
Carroll Greenwaldt
District Rotary Foundation Chair
Cell:  903-235-6448