Membership! Are you excited yet? 
New to this newsletter is a section on Membership that will appear going forward. The intent is to keep you up-to-date on trends, successes and tips on membership ATTRACTION and ENGAGEMENT! Remember those terms!!
THANKS to all who attended the Nov 2nd Membership and Foundation Seminar in Tyler. (If you ask PDG Ted Huffhines, he would say it was the Foundation and Membership Seminar, but hey, it's my article. Ted can call it what he wants in his article-wink wink!) Our LIVELY group  exchanged numerous ideas on growing membership, including but not limited to, Strengthening Your Club, Flexing & Innovating, Satellite Club opportunities, and the Zone initiative to GROW ROTARY! More to come. 
Also, in this edition you will see the first report on club membership status, up or down. This is to recognize the clubs that are growing their membership. If there is a club experiencing slippage or loss, feel free to reach out to me or the clubs with gains on the list. Let's all working together to "give the gift of Rotary" to those not with us. 
One last thing--and it's a REALLY BIG THING--GOALS! Please, PLEASE! go into Rotary Club Central and enter your membership goal for 2019-2020. You need it to qualify for your Rotary Presidential Citation and its EASY!! If you need help, don't call Ghost Busters, call District Administrator Shirley Pinnix Evans. She will breeze you right though it. Only 53% of clubs have annotated their goals. Let's get to 100%!! Also, enter your 5 member membership committee--I know that for some 10 member clubs that's a lot, but don't let that stop you!! 
Lee Montgomery, PDG
District Membership Chair