Club membership is CLIMBING in 2021!!! Thanks to numerous clubs having new members join, District 5830 is in the LEAD for Zones 30 and 31 attendance growth. Rotary International shows D5830 growing by 56. According to our numbers, the new member count should be 61, so RI will be catching up with our numbers shortly. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Would you like to ENERGIZE your club and find the FORCE to attract new members? Suggest you contact Sam Scroggins, our Visioning coordinator.
On October 23, I had the privilege to serve on a Visioning team for the Rotary Club of Quitman alongside DG Mike Groom, Past President Dietrich Johnson (Longview) and President Beth Blaisdel (South Tyler). The ENGAGEMENT was strong and evident. Club members shared ideas on THEIR vision of their club. I have NO DOUBT they will thrive and grow in membership because of the GOALS and EXCITEMENT they generated for themselves. VISIONING truly can help refocus your club, reinvigorate your club, and ultimately GROW your club through NEW COMMITMENT, ENTHUSIASM and ATTRACTION!! Call SAM to schedule your VISIONING session today; his number is 903-497-6887. It is a GREAT RETURN on a very small investment of time and money.