It is a pleasure to serve 5830, DG Carolyn Franks and each of your Clubs. 
Coming into this position after all (or most of all) the Final Reports from last year’s District Grant Projects were received from 5830 Clubs required our team to scramble a bit as some reports were not signed, a few had information left off the final reports, and some had unused funds not yet returned to the District.
Sadly, after the dust settled, we had to return $5750 in funds to The Rotary Foundation that might have been used last year to improve lives, rebuild communities, or send scholarships to deserving students. The return of those funds also proved challenging when the U. S. Postal Service lost the Priority Mail returning our Check to The Rotary Foundation and it had to be reissued and sent by Federal Express.
Regardless, all 2021-22 final reports and funds are now in and your 2022-23 Club Project Grant Applications are submitted pending approval by the Rotary Foundation.
From a complete review of the workings of our District Grant Process, we may all take for granted because it works so well, here are a few observations.
Our time spent doing good in the world needs to be intentional just as our business lives are at our work. Deadlines are important, and details matter.

In filling out grant applications if you have questions, please ask.  All details are important, and all information needs to be on the submitted grant request forms.
Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) are important not only for discussion at Lone Star PETS but also with each submitted grant request.  The Rotary Foundation now expects an MOU to be with each grant request sent.
Our deadlines must be more kept.  In attempting to be too accommodating, we become late in meeting deadlines with The Rotary Foundation, which has many of your Clubs now awaiting this year’s funds that have already spent by you doing good.

Most importantly, your officers need to attend Lone Star PETS.  It is designed to help you ask the questions and have the training to do your elected job well, including training on The Rotary Foundation.
Thanks for your inspiration, thanks for the jobs you do as Rotarians, and thanks for making all of this a Team Effort.
Jack Welge DRFC 2022-25