"We have several things coming up this month!" stated DG Judy. 

IPDG Ted’s District Conference is on October 19, and 20, 2018 at the event center in the Holiday Inn in Longview, Texas. For those that have not registered for the conference, please register by October 11, 2018 for food and seating preparations. You don't want to miss the fun and fellowship.
The District 5830 Bulletin Contest is back!  There will be one club winner per each of the three contest periods.  The winning Clubs will receive 200 recognition points.  The overall winner will receive 400 recognition points.  Please click on the link below for complete details of the contest guidelines. 
Also...remember that 10/24 is World Polio Day. If you haven’t made plans for this event, there is still time to put something together. We have not finished this fight and we still need everyone’s participation!  Don't forget about the opportunity to participate in the raffle that will qualify for citation points and all funds will be sent to the Rotary International for the benefit of the End Polio Campaign. This event is sponsored by Texarkana International Rotary Club. Click link for Raffle flyer: (https://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/00000050024/en-ca/files/homepage/end-polio-now-raffle/District-5830-Polio-Plus-fundraiser--1-.docx

Also...remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ladies, remember to get your mammogram;  Gentlemen, remind your wife, daughter, mother and female friends to do the same!