District 5830 Rotarians, you have seen PDG Tom DeWitt is Chairing a Paul Harris 2 for 1 Match Points Campaign December 1st – January 29th. There is more about that under his column in this newsletter. If you are considering donations to charity there are several options to consider, and all are under The Rotary Foundation.

For those of you who are nearing a mandatory withdrawal from a 401k, SEP or IRA, contributions to The Rotary Foundation may reduce your taxes due. Please check with your tax professional and your retirement plan on how required mandatory distributions can be used to promote Rotary programs through The Rotary Foundation.

Then, be sure to save the date of February 4th for our District Foundation Banquet.  There will be more information shortly.

Enjoy your Holidays knowing that each of you make a difference in the lives of others by being a Rotarian.

Jack Welge, DRFC