Thoughts from PDG John Henson, "A finer Rotarian may never come along. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten."
"I cannot remember how many times I called PDG Archie seeking his wisdom and advice, and every time he listened to my question, gave it some serious thought and then shared his thoughts. They were always straight to the point and always correct even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  He was that kind of leader."

"He made up at the Henderson club so many times that we threatened to make him a member. I remember him saying one time after we “threatened” him: “Well, I guess I could do worse”!!!
"In my eyes, Archie was a true WWII hero, but he never tooted his own horn. But if you ever were blessed to hear his program about being in a plane that flew (very low) over the cities after the atomic bombs were dropped, you would agree that Archie was a true WWII hero."
"Ouida and I were honored to be able to take he and Peg to several District 5830 meetings. It was a time that I could “pick” his brain about how to do this or what do you think about……. We were both blessed to call both Archie and Peg good friends."