The Carthage Rotary Club displayed Rotary 5830 Iron Lung next to their booth at Potlatch. The Rotary Club and its partners have worked for several decades to vaccinate children and help eradicate polio.. According to the, the organization and its partners have reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent world wide since 1988. There are now only three countries where polio is found regularly.
The iron lung, pictured with District Governor Elect and Carthage Rotary member Judy Guthrie, was used as a tank respirator that could help people breathe until they were able to breathe on their own.
Members of the Carthage Rotary Club sold turkey legs and other items during Potlatch.
A variety of vendors set up inside the Carthage Civic Center for patrons to shop their different products. There were clothes, crafts, make-up and more for patrons to browse through while they listened to the different performances on the main stage.