Due to the constraints of COVID-19, our RYLA camp has been postponed and adjusted to a hybrid format for 2021. Campers will attend a virtual session on April 24 where they will meet their teams, hear from engaging speakers, participate in various activities, and getting started on their RYLA journey. During the weekend of Sept 18-19, students will attend a 1-day session in person at Clements Scout Ranch where they will get to meet their teammates face-to-face and enjoy many of the traditional aspects of camp, including low- and high-ropes elements.
If you would like to join the RYLA staff, please apply online (even if you already did earlier this year) at ryla5830.com/staff.
Questions can be directed to our operations team at info@ryla5830.com.
Things to keep in mind:
  • ALL students from your club must attend the same in-person session.
  • Each session will be held from approximately 8am to 630pm.
  • Students must be driven to and from camp by a Rotarian.
  • Clubs that have not selected a session by February 6th will be assigned a session based on available space.
  • Campers must attend the virtual session prior to attending in person.
  • What if a student does not want to attend one or both parts of RYLA?
    • As in previous years, if a student decides not to attend camp, their spot should be filled by an alternate applicant.
  • What if a student who attended the virtual session is unable to attend in person?
    • All students must attend the virtual session to be eligible to attend the in-person session of camp. The virtual session will lay the foundation of leadership and team bonding necessary to a successful experience in person. Please set this expectation and make the requirements clear to students before they commit to attending RYLA 2021. Commitment and follow-through are important leadership skills!
    • We understand that sometimes students get sick or have an emergency that will not allow them to attend in person. In that case, an alternate will not be able to attend in their place this year.
  • What can our students expect during virtual RYLA?
    • Even though we are moving part of our camp experience online this year, we will never lose the spirit of RYLA! Our board and staff are fully committed to bringing the core elements of the RYLA experience to all campers this year, even online. The virtual session of camp will consist of a variety of interactive sessions covering the same topics we would typically discuss throughout a RYLA weekend. The virtual atmosphere will also give us all new opportunities to build and showcase unique leadership skills that we've never been able to utilize at RYLA before.
    • See the attached flier that can be shared with students and parents preparing for camp!
  • Where will/should the students be to participate in the virtual session?
    • That's a great question with a few possible answers! We encourage clubs to support students in any way they can to ensure strong internet connections while maintaining health & safety during RYLA. Students may stay in their homes, if they have a quiet, private location to attend RYLA and a stable internet connection. Clubs may also work with their members or the school leadership to secure a location for students to gather such as the club's meeting space, a member's office, or the school computer lab or library.
    • If your club elects to provide a space for students to gather together for camp, please consider also providing lunch, snacks, and drinks for the day.
  • What are the timeframes for virtual and in-person sessions?
    • We plan to host virtual RYLA from 10am-5:30pm and each in-person session from 8am (check-in) to 6:30pm (dismissal). These times may change slightly, but please plan for full days of activity!