On September 18, 2019, Sunrise Rotarians from left to right: Ralph Waits, Mary Wormington, Doug Bowers, Steve Collier, Patty Collier, Landon Forbes, Shirley Pinnix-Evans and Terry Davis distribute 120 Dictionaries to all the 3rd Graders at Nash Elementary School.  
Shirley Pinnix-Evans shared her experience with the other club members. 

"What an experience for me to hear a Third Grader raise his hand as we were passing out Dictionaries and say, “ I can’t believe that I can write my name in a book!” Probably the first book that he has ever had of his own! Precious children!" 

"This is why I enjoy Rotary so much.   We get to enjoy the innocence and excitement of receiving something new that they can keep.   As we shared with them what the word “literate” meant, we also shared the other things they can learn by reading their Dictionary.   Such things as, details about the 50 States in the United States, the names of the planets, information on how to learn sign language, and more."