Many of our district leaders, our presidents-elect, presidents-nominee and Rangers just returned from Lone Star PETS where we enjoyed fellowship, training, and renewed inspiration to continue to do the good works of Rotary. PDG Ted Huffhines commented to me that PETS is his favorite event in Rotary, seeing our eager new leaders share new ideas to keep our clubs vibrant while making new friends. I find his statement to be so true. I still enjoy friends I made at my first PETS more than 20 years ago. This was our first live PETS in two years and it was GREAT. I encourage all of you to become president of your club so that you may have the chance to enjoy this extraordinary Rotary event where you can grow personally, make new friends and reacquaint with old friends.
That is what we do so well in Rotary. We make new friends, we grow, we find our passion and off we go doing extraordinary things. Speaking of extraordinary, please find time to come to our annual Foundation Banquet on March 19 in Marshall. Our guest speaker is Dr. Bert Hirschhorn, known affectionately in my family as Uncle Bert. He is an American Health Hero who developed an oral rehydration therapy that has resulted in saving the lives of an estimated 50 million people. You don’t want to miss this event.

Our monthly theme for March is Water and Sanitation. Due to your generous support of our RI Foundation, our signature Global Grant in District 5830 this year is the construction of sanitary bathroom and drinking water facilities in eight schools in Mexico City. These facilities will serve 5400 school children a year. Consider and contemplate what effect this will have not only on these children but their parents and caregivers as well. Waterborne diseases will decrease, these children will be healthier, and their parents and caregivers will have more time to help other family members. You all should be proud of what you have done in supporting this wonderful project.
The recent events in Ukraine highlight the needs of our world for us to continue the good work of Rotary. We must stay the course, we must continue to support our seven areas of focus, especially promoting peace and saving mothers and children. Guidance in how we can help our friends in Ukraine and Russia should be coming from RI shortly. As soon as I hear how we can help, I will share that information with all of you. As always, stay safe and keep up the great work that you do.