Rotary June Theme is Fellowships
Paul Harris once wrote, “The foundation upon which Rotary is built is friendship, on no less firm foundation could it have stood.” As I write this, Andrea and I just came back from Memphis, TN where I attended Zone training to be a regional Rotary leader. We made new friends and created new relationships which we both look forward to enjoying and using to do the good work of Rotary. While in Memphis, I made the comment to our group that Rotary is all about relationships at every level of our organization – with these relationships we make things happen to better our world.  
But for these relationships that we have all fostered, Rotary would not have endured and prospered over these 117 years. We are so looking forward to attending the Rotary International Convention this week in Houston so we can catch up with old friends and make new ones.
It has been my great honor to serve this past year as your District Governor of 5830. Andrea and I have made many new friends, experienced the greatness of our clubs, and have had more than a little fun in the process. Our Change-Agent Presidents have continuously surprised me while inspiring me. There are so many good works that we have accomplished and each of you should be proud of the kindness and generosity you have freely given expecting nothing in return. I stressed relevance as one of my themes this year – we have to be relevant to our members to keep them engaged. You have been very successful in this as is seen by all of the projects and fundraising done this past year. But for us, what would our communities be? Would we all be living in Pottersvilles instead of our thriving communities we enjoy? Your support of our Polio Posse has been OUTSTANDING and I thank you for that. Wear your badge proudly knowing that you helped in Rotary’s largest and longest humanitarian service project. Your donations to-date will vaccinate over 21,000 children. Since paralysis occurs in 1 percent of polio cases, that means you have saved 210 children from paralysis.

I have to thank my own club, Cedar Creek Lake, for the wonderful support they have given me this year. Thanks, guys and gals. Your support has been invaluable. We have had a great leadership team in 5830 this year and I thank all of them for their sacrifices and hard work. When you see them, please thank them. Because of them and you, we have turned the corner after coming through the pandemic. We are poised to achieve more great works and many of our leaders are staying on to help Carolyn Franks have a successful year. I wish her and her team every success this coming year. Please support Carolyn going forward. Ask her how you can make her year a success. Lastly, but certainly not in the least, a hearty hats-off to our District Administrator, Shirley Pinnix-Evans. Please thank her every chance you have.

It has been fun and it has been a pleasure to Serve to Change Lives. Give the Gift of Rotary!
DG Mike