PDG & VG Ted Huffhines and DGN Mike Groom are available for giving Heart 2 Heart programs. Mike and Andrea went to Mexico for the annual Heart 2 Heart pilgrimage. They were in Mexico from 11/13/2019 to 11/20/2019 along with nearly 30 other Rotarians from Zones 30 and 31.
The Heart 2 Heart Program is a cooperative effort between Rotarians primarily in the "Heart of America" (Zones 30 and 31) and in the "Heart of Mexico" (Districts 4170 and 4140) and The Rotary Foundation to provide humanitarian service, primarily through matching grant projects. The next regular project visit is scheduled for November 4-11, 2020. There is also a medical mission trip to Tlaquepaque from 2/8/2020 to 2/15/2020.
To celebrate Rotary’s 100 years in Mexico, Heart 2 Heart has developed a celebration program known as 100 in 100. The 100 in program is to engage 100 US clubs in 100 projects across all of Mexico. These projects range in size from approximately $500 to $10,000 USD.  With a shopping list of opportunities for US clubs, depending on their interest and funding options, US district grants could be used where applicable, depending upon their interest and funding options. US district grants could be used where available, and the project list will also include 8-10 global grants for the year. US clubs can start choosing projects NOW.
PDG Ted Huffhines has been leading the efforts in our district to promote Heart 2 Heart. Both he and DGN Mike Groom are available to give presentations to our clubs in District 5830 upon request. If any clubs are interested in this presentation, Ted can be reached at tedhuffhines@gmail.com and Mike can be reached at mikegroom@groomlegal.com.