Membership is Up!! Membership is Down!! Ugh?? From July 1st through Feb 15th, 33 of 43 clubs added 129 new members! Yea! But we also lost 129 members! WHAAAT? Thanks to readmitting a couple of former members, we are up a NET 2 total! See why there needs to be a constant focus on membership. The average club lost is 10% a year. Do you have a membership PLAN to gain back that loss AND GROW?
To help each club in their effort to attract and engage members, each club president, president elect and club membership chair will be contacted in the next month and given an invitation to host a District Membership Facilitator. The Facilitator has been trained to take each club through a brief process of condensing the vast number of Rotary membership strategies down to 3 strategies (each) for attraction and engagement. The club’s membership committee (5 members and the club president) chose the strategy that BEST  FITS YOUR CLUB’s CULTURE. The CLUB picks what they would like to do. The second benefit, is that each club will have a PLAN for their chosen strategy when the 2-hour session concludes. The President Elects at Lone Star PETS were given a flyer outlining the process.
Congratulations to the TOP 12 of 33 clubs for new member attraction, year to date:
South Tyler 11
Mineola 8
Pittsburg 8
Marshall 7
Texarkana (AR) Wilbur Smith 7
Cedar Creek Lake 6
Mt. Pleasant 6
Tyler 6
Athens 5
Kilgore 5
Longview 5
Texarkana Sunrise 5
Thank you, DGE Jack Welge, for the M&M’s at PETS. His goal: make MEMBERSHIP MEMORABLE!