Although Membership Growth is a year round part of Rotary, I hope each club also took time during August Membership Month to celebrate the current members. It's never too late, so think about having members offer Vocational Talks to give new members new insights, celebrate Rotary anniversaries, member birthdays, plan a club social, take a club survey to learn what existing members would like the club to do. 


Each club is encouraged to have a membership committee of at least five members. I am available to meet virtually with your club committees to offer guidance in fulfilling their responsibilities in attracting and engaging new members as well as working on member retention.  
Clubs are encouraged to move to online meetings and events. This allows clubs to reach a broader audience and gives them the opportunity to engage with their communities and with current, former, and prospective members in unique ways.   
Attached is the Membership Resource Guide with helpful new resources and publications noted in red. CLICK HERE

Lee Montgomery

District Governor 2016-2017

District Membership Chair 2018-2021

Cell: 972-365-3757//903-372-1576