Be A Vibrant Club (Calling all leaders!)
This is the title of one of the best pamphlets that Rotary has produced in recent times. It’s short, to the point and packed with great ideas!
Soon, President Elects will be in the first virtual Lone Star PETS and will discuss how their club can be a VIBRANT CLUB. Among many characteristics of a vibrant club, MEMBERSHIP GROWTH is probably the BEST indicator of VIBRANCY.
Are your club members “sold” on Rotary?  Do members not only accept but BELIEVE in Rotary’s ability to open new opportunities by networking/connecting with other individuals, clubs and districts for doing service? Do they support The Rotary Foundation? Are the members SOLD on YOUR CLUB as THE place for fellowship, meeting community leaders, and growing personally and professionally?
Since March 2020, clubs have been challenged beyond words to maintain connections, do service and raise funds and our membership reports reflect that challenge with a decrease in membership of -4.49% since July 1, 2020. With the rollout of a third Covid vaccine, hopefully, the “return to normal” is within sight in a few months.
As leaders, have you and your boards thought of how to “return to normal”? It’s an OPPORTUNITY! It’s an opportunity to reintroduce Rotary to your members who have been cautiously staying away, and to your communities that need to know that Rotary continued to serve during the quarantines and shutdowns. It’s an OPPORTUNTIY to GROW your clubs by having Rotary Information Events for your local Chamber of Commerce, other non-profits, or referrals from your club members.
Let the people know ROTARY IS BACK! Although we really never left, we are soon going to be back meeting regularly, going group service projects and hosting fun parties, auctions, food feasts and other FUNd Raisers!! Make a PLAN to return to being a VIBRANT CLUB!!
Also, EXTEND YOUR REACH/IMPACT as a club: find members who could champion one of the 3 following ideas:
  1. University-based Rotary Club: fit the lifestyle of university life, casual, on campus, perhaps breakfast before classes. Encourage “happy dollars” (NO fines!!) for good news or bragging rights. New clubs are popping up with an average age of 22!
  2. Corporate lunch clubs: club meetings held at a corporation’s campus, brown bag the lunch, casual. Thinking Eastman, Komatsu, Trane.
  3. “Passport” Clubs: Young professionals. Visit a Junior Chamber of Commerce or Young Professionals group. Question: How would YOU like to network with over 35,000 other cities? How? Join the Passport Rotary Club of ______. Target Young Professionals. Use social media to announce virtual, in-person or hybrid information events. Need 20 members to start a club or 8 members to be a satellite club of a host Rotary Club.