Here we are in the midst of a pandemic none of us anticipated and having to practice social distancing and self-quarantine. It strikes me that our international theme "Rotary Connects the World" is particularly appropriate to address this challenge. We can stay connected through social media and programs like Zoom. Let us challenge our younger members to guide us in that regard and set up virtual monthly meetings for us. Also, please sign up for the District Training Conference this weekend, April 4th. Instructions are on the District website, or contact our District Administrator, Shirley, and she will help you. And let us remember that Rotary's monthly theme this month is "Maternal and Child Health" and address that as a club this month. Some small project with "Service Above Self" in mind may make all the difference in the life of a child and mother somewhere locally or in the world. I pray that this will be behind us soon, and we can go forward with more energy than ever. Limiting the spread of the virus is the key. 
Thank you for your efforts. 
DG  Jim