So you have now attended the convention and had a fantastic time, picked up lots of new ideas, met lots of new Rotarian friends and picked up tons of information, Rotary pins, tee shirts etc. from the House of Friendship. What’s next? After all you are in Hawaii (many of us the first time and probably the last for some of us) you don’t want to take all the time and money to attend the convention and then turn around the next day and go home!!!!
If you are not one of those that is good with planning vacations, there are companies out there that do just that. Usually in October or November, ads start coming out in The Rotarian magazine promoting both pre and post-convention tours. There will be many and all are probably good. I am not on Howard Tours payroll, but have used them for three conventions and they do a great job. AND many of you will know Brad Howard. He has been in our district a couple of times. He was the President’s Representative for PDG Ben Agnor’s conference, and then just a couple years ago he spoke at the District Foundation Dinner in Athens. He is a past RI director and continues to be one of the most sought after Rotary speakers. In other words, Brad is a really good guy. The reason we selected Howard Tours was our connection with Brad. So yes, I do recommend them, but I have also talked with other Rotarians outside our district that have used other companies and had a great experience with them. So check out what each company’s itenery is and see which one interests you.
This will be the last of my “hints” for convention goers. But if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at I will do my best to answer and if I don’t know will find someone who does.  See you in Honolulu!!!