The Rotary Club of Kilgore, TX provides a pair of shoes and a pair of socks to all students of Kilgore ISD who qualify to receive free school  supplies. If the parents would like for their children to receive the shoes and socks, a Rotarian will measure the student’s feet.
Rotary Club members were present for the entire school registration process of two to three days who measure the student’s feet to determine what size shoe the student will need and to have a good starting place for fitting the student’s feet.
On Saturday after registration, the students came to a designated location and Rotarians provide a new pair of socks and let the student pick out their shoes from the selection and fit the student’s feet with a new pair of shoes. 570 pairs of shoes were requested, but only 444 were picked up by parents and students.
Our Rotary Club made contact with the nurse on the Chandler Elementary campus and a counselor on Kilgore Middle School campus and supplied the remaining shoes for their closets to be handed out to students in need throughout the school year.