As the excitement of our new Rotary Year builds and we make plans to attend the Zone Conference in Chattanooga in late September and the 5830 District Conference at the Museum of the Red River in October, it’s time to also renew our commitments to support the service we do through The Rotary Foundation.

Our available funding for Club Project Grants this year is $53,637.   That’s up from $49,214   last year and it is all due to our generous and can do attitude in supporting The Rotary Foundation and its programs. Tom DeWitt is fond of reminding all of us that the path to ensure the availability of these funds is the Paul Harris Society and all of us can join for less than $3 per day.

Remember The Rotary Foundation funds are available only to Clubs that have qualified by leaders attending Lone Star PETS and receiving Foundation Training . The amounts available to each Club relate to the Clubs giving to The Rotary Foundation.

Sadly, each year many Clubs do not use their funds available for service to the community and the world.

It’s not difficult to use this funding source and it can cut by ½ the funds Clubs need to raise for their projects.

As we look forward to fall, football games and parties and charity fund raisers please remember The Rotary Foundation. Through it we can truly change the world.