Message from PDG & District Polio Plus Chair Shirley Griffin, "World Polio Day is October 24, 2019 and I would like to encourage each of the clubs in the District to have some kind of fundraiser for Polio Plus.  November is Polio month and this will give us additional opportunity to hold an event or fundraiser for Polio Plus efforts. Our goal is to rid of this disease."  The fight is not over we currently have 62 new cases in Pakistan and 16 cases in Afghanistan!  It is not too late to make what could be your most important financial contribution to the POLIO ERADICATION campaign!

On World Polio Day, thousands of Rotary clubs around the world will hold events and fundraisers to recognize our progress in the global fight to end polio. Our 2019 online global update will air in multiple time zones and languages, reaching more people and raising more awareness than ever before. Materials available on Rotary International Website (CLICK HERE: